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License to establish and operate an airport or airstrip

Conditions for obtaining the service:-


  • The project should aim to achieve the economic interest of the state within the framework of the state’s strategic plans.
  • The project must take the form of a company in accordance with the provisions of the Republic’s laws for establishing companies.
  • Obtaining all necessary permits approved by the laws in force in the Republic related to the type of • • project, for example, such as the Investment Authority - the Water/Environment Authority - the Tourism Authority... etc.
  • A technical and economic feasibility study must be submitted in which it proves the availability of the conditions and requirements necessary for the project to be economically successful and to ensure the technical safety of its operation.
  • The investor must prove his ability to practice the activity specified in the application through the availability of all requirements (human capabilities, means, equipment, programs and buildings) in accordance with the law and its applicable regulations and approved procedures.
  • The airport’s operating procedures provide an acceptable manner in ensuring safety and security.
  • The airport must implement an acceptable safety management system during operation.
  • To pay the prescribed fees.



The required documents:

Before construction:

  • Submit an initial application containing a declaration of intent. For the purpose of conducting an assessment of aviation operations and discussing the airport operating mechanism, to ensure that the operation of the airport will not threaten the safety of aviation operations. (If the evaluation is negative, there is no need to take further steps.)
  • Land ownership documents.
  • Studies, plans and specifications related to establishing the project for the purpose of approval.
  • All permits and studies mentioned in the above paragraph



After construction and before operation:

An official request according to the form in Annex 1 of National Legislation Part IX (Airports) – which includes the following data:

  • Name of the operator/owner of the project
  • Address of operator/owner
  • Data to communicate with the operator (telephone - fax - telex - mail - e-mail, etc.)
  • Location or landing site coordinates
  • The largest aircraft model that will be served by the airport
  • Two copies of the operating procedures manual including all airport data as stated in Annex 3 of the national legislation, Part IX (Airports)




Cash fees:

  • Cash fees are collected according to the approved fees list as follows:
  • Site inspection fees
  • Fees for issuing a construction license and approving construction specifications
  • Airport inspection fees and issuance of the first operating license
  • Airport license renewal fees one year after the issuance of the first operating license



Service completion period:

There are multiple factors that control the completion period, but the construction license specifies a date for starting the activity, and the construction license is considered canceled if the specified time period for starting the activity passes without obtaining an operating license.



  • The investor submits his application with all documents to the Authority.
  • Dealing with the declaration of intent according to the airport manual.
  • Evaluation of the official request for site approval.
  • Evaluation of the application for construction approval.
  • Evaluation of airport supplies and equipment.
  • Issuing or refusing to issue an airport license certificate.
  • Issuing the airport license status and the details required in the aviation guide.
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