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The Duties & Responsibilities of the Directorate General of Airworthiness

  1. Ensure that the rules and regulations of airworthiness are applied properly.
  2. Issue Registration the Certificate for the Aircraft in the national Record.
  3. Issue and renew the certificates of Aircraft Airworthiness.
  4. Technical inspection of Aircraft, their ducts and follow up execution of maintenance and rebuilding works in accordance with the related rules, regulation and manuals.
  5. Approve the maintenance centers, stations and the suppliers of spare parts, systems of aircraft.
  6. Legalization of Aircraft type certificate .
  7. Approving Aircraft design and manufacturing centers.
  8. Participate with operations inspectors in inspecting the operation certificate .
  9. Approve the technical amendments and big repairs in the Aircraft.
  10. Approve the technical manuals of the aircraft, maintenance programmes and technical procedures of maintenance centers.
  11. Technical inspection on the procedures, equipment and the labs of aircraft fueling.
  12. Prepare the technical bulletins related to airworthiness, follow up their approval and dissemination.
  13. Follow up and evaluate the current international standards of airworthiness, the new standards related to the continuation of airworthiness and adopting the appropriate standards.
  14. Participate in the examinations especially what relate to personnel licenses who are working in maintenance.
  15. Evaluate the maintenance personnel to ensure that they meet the technical stipulations and requirements.
  16. Investigate the violations of Civil Aviation Law, rules and regulations related to airworthiness, and report them to take the legal actions.
  17. Participate in Aviation Accidents and Incidents.
  18. Reporting to ICAO the differences between Civil Aviation Regulations and Annexes of ICAO related to airworthiness .
  19. Ensure the insertion of the amendments on regular basis on the rules and regulations related to airworthiness.
  20. Prepare the plans and programmes of the technical inspection of the foreign and national aircraft, follow up their implementation and supervising them.
  21. Prepare the plans and training programmes for the personnel to enhance their performance and efficiency.
  22. Assess the personnel through their performance and reports.
  23. Recommend to impose the penalties by CAMA in accordance with enforced law, rules and regulations.
  24. Perform the tasks & duties assigned by the Assistant Deputy Chairman.