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Airports' Sector Brief Introduction

Airports' Sector Brief Introduction



Work on airports development to achieve International Safety Standards.



  1. Achieve International Safety Standards by the classification category of each airport.
  2. To maintain the sustainability of airports readiness by finding mechanisms to speed up the maintenance of equipment, systems, facilities and installations in airports or find alternatives to work on them in due course of time.


The message

Developing the role of the Sector by improving the level of administrative work and raising the efficiency of the current cadre to keep up with the progress in systems, equipment and improving the procedures and mechanisms to provide equipment, spare parts and rapid handling of emergency defects that might affect the safety and security procedures to ensure that the airports remain ready and continuous.



  • Loyalty: Reliability and sense of responsibility and commitment towards the Sector, its employees and clients.
  • Transparency: Dissemination of knowledge, exchange and simplifying of information and procedures with highest degrees of professionalism.
  • Integrity and honesty: To deal with honesty and objectivity in order to build trust between employees to achieve the objectives of the Sector.
  • Teamwork: Work and attain achievement in a team spirit and cooperate at all levels to ensure the accomplishment of the goals with high efficiency.




  1. Participate in the establishment of the general policies of CAMA, especially with regard to upgrading the efficiency of airports and keeping them in line with the safety and security requirements established by the International Civil Aviation Organization.
  1. Prepare Feasibility study of the airports' needs such as equipment, systems, development projects, in addition to supervising its execution and maintenance.
  1. Develop short- medium- and long-term plans for airports development, in line with the increase in air traffic and cargo.
  1. Supervising and controlling the execution of scheduled maintenance programs for the technical and electrical equipment, vehicles, facilities, installations and buildings in airports, in order to ensure their sustainability and readiness.
  1. Identify the training tracks to improve the employees' and airports performance and establish training plans to execute it.