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Introduction About CAMA

Civil Aviation & Meteorology Authority ( CAMA) is the Entity which has been formed after the 22nd of May 1990, the historic date of Yemen Unity Day. Although CAMA has practiced its duties & responsibilities from that time until the issuance of the Republican Decree no. (444)/2000 of the New entity on November 2000. By this decree, CAMA established its goals and the tasks related to Civil Aviation, financial system, organizational structure, regulating the fields that are managed by CAMA.

CAMA practices its technical activities according to the Civil Aviation law no. 12/1993 and the related regulations quoted from this law.

CAMA commits to apply all the ICAO annexes, revisions and those issued by (WMO) as well, in addition to applying the international agreements and protocols that were ratified by our country as well as the bilateral Air services Agreements signed between our country and many brotherly and friendly countries.

Due to the expansions of our country after achieving the Yemeni Unity, the demand and importance for air transport increased to connect the parts of our Home country with each other, particularly the remote areas and Islands such as Socotra Archipelago Island that does not have a marine line to transfer the passengers from and to the Island.

Air transport has really connected our country with the world through providing the service to our local passengers, foreigners, promoting tourism, and other commercial & industrial activities. For such purposes, eight international airports have been constructed and modernized, in addition to two domestic asphalted airports.