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Eligibility for instrument flight/aircraft class

1- General conditions (requirements) for issuing instrument flight eligibility/class of aircraft

1. Fill out the application form to issue eligibility and have it signed by the eligibility applicant.

2. Holding a valid private pilot license (at least) or a valid commercial pilot license issued by the Authority.

3. A copy of the certificate of successful completion of theoretical study at the automated flight level, issued by an accredited training center.

4. A copy of a valid medical evaluation certificate (first class or second class) issued by an accredited medical examiner. Eligibility applicants who hold a private pilot license must have proven hearing acuity based on meeting the hearing requirements necessary to issue a first class medical evaluation.

5. A copy of the result of successfully passing the written exams issued by the Authority during the period (24 months) preceding the date of submitting the application. Note that the result of successfully passing the written exams is valid for a period of (24 months) and the result is considered canceled or expired if the period exceeds (24 months). (The written tests are repeated again by the Authority in accordance with the approved test regulations and schedules.

6. A copy of the flight hours log showing the flight hours that qualify for eligibility and carrying out no less than (50) hours of flying across the country as a pilot of an aircraft, including (40) hours of automated flight, including no more than (20) hours on the simulator. (Simulator) in addition to the theoretical study.

7. An original of the practical test form signed by an accredited air inspector and stating that the eligibility applicant successfully passed the practical and oral test during the (12 months) preceding the date of submitting the application. Note that the validity period of the practical test is (12 months) starting from the date of the test and ending at the end of the month. The practical test is considered canceled or terminated if the period exceeds (12 months) and is repeated again by a tester approved by the Authority.

8. Pay the due fees in cash and attach a copy of the fees receipt.

9. Privileges of the holder of eligibility and the conditions that must be observed when exercising these privileges:

The privileges of a holder of instrument flight qualification/class of aircraft are to fly the aircraft in accordance with instrument flight rules.

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