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Yemen celebrates Arab Meteorological Day

. He stressed on the necessity of coordination and integration between the state's institutions and authorities concerned with  meteorology, especially the ministries of transport, water and environment, interior, defense, educational ministries and of economic nature, so as to protect lives, preserve properties and avoid the damages that can result from the natural disasters and climate change. He added that most of the cyclones and floods that hit some areas and Governorates of Yemen, especially the coastal areas were due to external influences.


For his part, Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami pointed out that the Arab world is celebrating for the first time the Arab Meteorological Day after its approval in 2018, indicating that this celebration coincided with the anniversary of the Arab Meteorology Permanent Committee establishment on 15th September 1970. He said: "the climate changes are caused because of the global warming which led to temperature's overheating, loss of lives and properties because of floods, droughts and other natural disasters." He added: "climate has occupied the entire world and the future threats are climatic and the disputes that occur either in the Arab world or in the world are to control the water sources and monopolize them." The Minister of Transport also indicated that the National Meteorology Center is currently working on documenting the climate changes of the Republic of Yemen for the past 50 years, automating it to be available to researchers and university students who are interested in climate and its changes. He stressed on the need to promote the community's awareness of the importance of climate change and weather changes in order to preserve the lives, prevent the diseases and epidemics associated with such changes.


In the meantime, he also clarified that the Ministry of Transport and CAMA paid great care and attention to Meteorology Sector, its development and modernization by all the needed systems, in addition to incorporating the projects of the Sector based on the National Vision of building the New State of Yemen.


In the ceremony that was attended by Mr. Abdulbari Dughaish- Member of the Parliament, Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif- Deputy Chairman of CAMA, Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi- Deputy Minister of Transport for Air Transport Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Salam- Vice Representative of FAO in Yemen, Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA clarified that the celebration on this day reflects the importance of weather meteorology in preserving the lives of the people and their properties. He also stressed that CAMA has greatly contributed in preserving the lives and properties that might be caused by the weather phenomena, indicating that CAMA is developing and modernizing the Meteorology systems by inputting new technologies that contributed in accurate observation of the different weather phenomena.        


He also mentioned that the National Meteorology Center has qualified technical and professional cadres in the field of weather forecasts and climate change through its stations covering most of the Governorates.


Meanwhile, Eng. Mohammed Hamid- Asst. Deputy Chairman of Meteorology Sector highlighted the interest of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA in Meteorology Sector and procuring it with new systems. He stressed that the National Meteorology Center is working 24 hours to observe the weather forecasts, climate change and based on which regular weather, warning and emergency bulletins are prepared in accordance with the information received by the meteorological stations.


A film about the role of Meteorology Sector in spreading the culture of meteorology and the importance of the bulletins issued by the National Center was presented. At the end of the ceremony (21) meteorologists from different Governorates were honored with certificates of appreciation and symbolic gifts.


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