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Workshop in Sana'a on the national plan for air safety

, which was attended by the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif, Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi- Deputy Minister of Transport for Air Transport Sector, Asst. Deputies Chairman of CAMA, Directors General of CAMA, the Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami stressed the importance of such workshop to define the National Safety and Security Plan for the local, regional and international civil aviation in light of the national vision to build the New State of Yemen.

He also pointed out that in light of this workshop, strategic policies will be drawn up to develop and modernize the safety and security of civil aviation in all its fields in accordance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). He stressed the need to activate the work of all sectors of CAMA indicating that CAMA is working professionally in the implementation of its domestic and international functions in the field of civil aviation. Meanwhile, the Minister drew the attention to the need to apply the safety program and work to develop and update it in line with international requirements in its phases and in a chronic manner.

On his part, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader indicated the importance of the workshop in the field of civil aviation safety and security. He also explained that CAMA exercised its regulatory and supervisory powers on the safety of air navigation, civil aviation and air transport. He stressed on the need to stand before the most important element of the civil aviation safety and security contained in the international document, most notably in the legislative and technical aspects, regulations and systems indicating that the breach in it is a breach in the air navigation and civil aviation safety system.

In turn, the Asst. Deputy Chairman of the Aviation Safety and Security Sector- Dr. Abdulhamid Abu Taleb stressed on the importance of the safety of the passengers lives and civil aviation. He also expressed his thanks to the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA for supporting the aviation safety and security sector efforts in meeting its needs and solving the difficulties it faces in performing its work.

During the workshop, working papers on the safety and security of domestic and international aviation were presented by a number of specialists and technicians in the Sector. In the meantime, the participants in the workshop recommended that the Aviation Safety and Security Plan should be implemented in accordance with the specified timetable, coordinate with the relevant government authorities and supporting CAMA in keeping up with and developing the mandatory aviation safety reports in accordance with the ICAO instructions.

They also stressed on the importance of communicating with the concerned authorities associated with aviation safety at the international level to enhance the functions of civil aviation in its various fields.


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