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United Nations Helicopter Lands at Hodeidah International Airport

A United Nations helicopter landed at Hodeidah International Airport on 11th October 2023, which is the second  landing test since the airport stopped and went out of service nine years ago as a result of it being bombed and destroyed by the aggression's coalition.

After the plane landed, in the presence of a member of the Redeployment Committee- Major General/ Mohammad Al-Qadiri, and the Head of the Support Unit of the UN Mission- Philippe Mitri, the Governor of Hodeidah-  Mohammad Ayyash Qohaim, stressed the importance of the United Nations and the Hodeidah Agreement Support Team playing a positive role during this stage to support the rehabilitation and maintenance of the damage to which it was exposed.

The airport was targeted by the aggression air raids, ensuring its return to service and allowing flights to operate to alleviate the suffering of patients and passengers.

The governor also expressed his readiness to provide all the facilities to the UN mission to execute its humanitarian activities and tasks. While the Director of Technical Affairs at the airport-Engineer/ Mohieddin Al-Dimashqi, confirmed that Hodeidah Airport is not ready at the current stage to receive any flights, due to the destruction it has been subjected to, including its various infrastructure.

In turn, the Patrol Commander of the UNMAHA Mission-Marcelo Noino, explained that the landing of the second UN plane at the airport comes within the framework of arrangements for transporting and providing medical aid to individuals working in the offices of United Nations organizations.

He also appreciated the cooperation of the leadership of the local authority in Hodeidah, the airport and the relevant authorities, for providing facilities for the plane to land.

They were accompanied by the governorate’s Deputy for Services Affairs- Mohammad Halisi, the Director of the Branch of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs- Jaber Al-Razhi, and the Deputy Director of the Governorate’s Security- Colonel/ Sari Al-Maghrabi, and Hodeidah Airport's Security Director- Nader Muajjam


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