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Survey and Documentation Committee of Violations Against Civil Aviation Meets

The Survey and Documentation of Violations Committee charged with surveying and documenting the violations committed against civil aviation and meteorology as a result of the brutal aggression met on February 12, 2021, headed by the Deputy-Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Raed Taleb Jabal.

In the presence of the Director-General of Sana'a International Airport- Mr. Khalid Al-Shaif, the Committee  discussed its work plan for the coming period, the nature of the procedural and technical tasks associated with its work and the mechanisms for the accounting and documentation of the violations and damages at the airports, buildings and equipment of the civil aviation and meteorology sector that were damaged by the brutal aggression.

It also reviewed a report submitted by the Committee’s preparatory team on its tasks during the period of its establishment in the administrative and field aspects, which resulted in the establishment of an operational mechanism to survey and document the damages and violations encountered to the civil aviation and meteorology sector and the initial determinants of the Committee’s work and its future tasks.

At the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA indicated that the damages and violations caused by the aggression against the civil aviation and meteorology sector were far greater than some would have imagined and that this sector is the most affected by the consequences of the aggression and the blockage among other sectors. Pointing out that the Aggression countries, since the beginning of their aggressive aggression against our country, have targeted and destroyed most airports, civil aircraft, civil aviation infrastructure, meteorology and navigational equipment, as well as the unfair blockade.

He also stressed the need to identify and document such crimes in systematic ways and in accordance with the international standards that guarantee the preservation of the crimes and violations instruments that are comprehensive, accurate and absorbing the direct and indirect damages.

In the meantime, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA stressed the importance of the continuous updating of information and data on the ongoing violations and crimes against the civil aviation and meteorology sector by the Aggression Countries and exposing and detecting these crimes through media campaigns, press conferences and protests that would explain to the world the brutality of crimes and violations of aggression against the civil aviation and meteorology sector.


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