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Strategic Planning Training Course Concludes


27 participants from CAMA received a six- day of knowledge on planning related to building strategic vision and analyzing the organization's values ​​and mechanisms to develop its mission in light of making strategic plans in the long and medium term.

At the end of the ceremony, H.E. Minister of Transport Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami stressed the importance of qualifying and training the employees in keeping up with modern developments in all fields of transport. He pointed out that in spite of the deliberate targeting of the aggression to human beings and the destruction of infrastructure; human cadres are trained scientifically and professionally in various aspects.

He pointed out that CAMA has established a Strategic planning Directorate General due to its connection with international organizations working according to plans and strategies to keep abreast of all that is new in planning.

While H.E. Minister of Civil Service and Insurance- Talal Aklan explained the importance of holding such training courses for the sake of construction and national development.
He also praised the efforts of the Ministry of Transport leadership and its interest in training and qualifying its cadres in the air, land and sea transport sectors. He urged the National Administrative Sciences Institute to extend the period of training and qualification of the courses to enhance the participants' abilities and comprehension of the course programs.

"We at the Ministry of Civil Service are working to reformulate the law of filling the jobs of the Supreme Authority, which will make the training and qualifying courses part of the job benefits during the next phase and within two weeks will be submitted to the Council of Ministers." He said.

On his part, Assistant Deputy Chairman of Airports' Sector at CAMA- Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif urged the graduates of the course to apply the basics and concepts in strategic planning to enhance the performance of CAMA to meet the international requirements in the field of civil aviation.
He stressed the importance of the strategic planning of CAMA as it will contribute to the development of it and work to serve the security and safety of civil aviation.
At the end of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to participants.


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