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Special Training Course on Estimated Budgets and Financial Reports Concludes


The aim of the 5- day training program aimed to provide (15) participants of CAMA's employees with the skills of preparing estimation budgets in modern and methodological methods as well as preparing financial reports in accordance with the requirements of the work in CAMA and in accordance with the quality standards.

During the conclusion ceremony, the Chairman of CAMA praised the importance of this course and the efforts that were exerted to succeed it by both the trainers and the participants, wishing that the course had achieved its planned objectives. He also stressed on the keenness of CAMA to take care of training, qualifying and preparation of the technical and administrative cadres that are capable of promoting the work, stressing the importance of applying what they received during the course and reflecting it in their practical work and transfer the knowledge they acquired to the rest of their coworkers.

 In the meantime, a speech was delivered by the course instructor- Mr. Jawad Al-Akhali in which he praised the support of the leadership of CAMA, the efforts of all participants, their remarkable commitment and high efficiency, stressing on all the participants to effectively implement all what they received during the course in their practical work.

On his part, Mr. Ali Al-Yameny delivered the speech on behalf of the participants in which he thanked the Chairman of CAMA for his interest in training and qualifying, praising the great efforts exerted by the trainer and his assistant during the course which contributed greatly to its success, as well as praising the efforts of the participants and their keenness to gain benefit as much as possible, confirming the application of all the new knowledge and experiences received during the course by the participants.

At the end, the Chairman of CAMA submitted the certificates to the participants together with Dr. Faraj Baathar- Dir. Gen. of Planning and Projects, Mr. Abdulmajid Al-Sofiani- Deputy Dir. Gen. of Civil Aviation & Met. Institute (CAMI), Mr. Fikri Al-Najjar- Acting Dir. Gen, of Administrative Affairs, Mr. Mohammed Al-Jabali- Advisor of  the Chairman and the Course Trainer.


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