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Signing Minutes of Handover between Former Deputy Chairman and New Deputy Chairman

hard and with dedication in the difficult circumstances and conditions during which CAMA had faced great challenges and difficulties imposed by the war and aggression on our country wishing him all Success in performing his new tasks, stressing on the importance of working in a team spirit and cooperate with the new assigned Deputy Chairman to carry out the tasks, duties properly and to show responsibility to develop the level of performance. Meanwhile, the new Deputy Chairman- Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif praised the efforts made by the former Deputy Chairman- Mr. Yahya Al-Sayani who formed with the Chairman of CAMA and the leaderships of CAMA a successful team led CAMA to safety in the darkest circumstances in which CAMA achieved a lot of achievements and successes. Mr. Al-Sharif also stressed on the importance of continuing efforts and work with dedication and professionalism in line with the current phase.

In turn, Mr. Al Sayani expressed his thanks and gratitude to the employees of CAMA who worked with them with all sincerity and devotion throughout his tenure as Deputy Chairman in particular the Chairman of CAMA. He also stressed the need to exert more efforts for the development, stability and progress of CAMA. This was followed by giving the shield of CAMA to Mr. Yahya Al-Sayani in recognition of the great efforts made during his tenure.

The Handover ceremony was attended by the Assistants Deputy Chairman and the Directors General of CAMA.


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