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Seyoun International Airport Management Honors Yemen Airways Station Manager

work interval as Manager of Yemen Airways Station in the airport. During the honoring ceremony, the Deputy Director General of Seyoun International Airport- Mr. Hussein Al-kaff praised the efforts and dedication of Bamoqaishim in serving the airport and passengers under difficult complicated conditions and continuous pressure of the extensive flights where such efforts were reflected positively at the level of Hadramout and Yemen in general which highly have raised the name of the airport. He also extended the compliments of Mr. Ali Bakathir- Director General of the airport who in turn delivered a message of thanks and appreciation to Bamoqaishim and Yemen Airways Station working team who drew a nice picture in dedication, sincerity, patience and highprinciples and the rapid execution of the passengers’ procedures and facilitations.

The Directorate General of the airport also congratulated Mr. MoneerKhanji- the new assigned Manager of Yemen Airways Station wishing him all success in his new tasks. In the meantime, Mr. Bamoqaishim expressed his thanks and appreciation to the airport’s management for this kind attention and the previous custody which enabled him to perform his duties wishing his successor all success in his new tasks.

Meanwhile, the new manager expressed his great happiness of the hospitality in reception and farewell praising the efforts exerted by the previous manager stressing that he will do the best to provide excellent services to the passengers indicating his honor to work the work team of the Station in the airport.

The meeting was attended by a number of officials of the airport and Yemen Airways.


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