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Second Stakeholders Assessment Workshop for Enhancement of Food Security and Resilient Livelihoods Programme (EFRLP) Is Held in Sana'a

Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and with the support of the European Union, aimed to review the activities carried out by the meteorological sector within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Sector and FAO in October 2018 and to assessing the activities and difficulties encountered by meteorological teams.

At the opening of the workshop, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader explained the importance of the workshop in the development of meteorological work and the evaluation of its activities during the past period, the level of achievement and services provided in the air, sea and land. He also stressed on the need to activate the Directorate General of Researches of CAMA in the areas of research to contribute to the promotion and development of meteorology, and the acquisition of modern information in the field of climate change, which contributes to enhancing food security and avoid any natural disasters resulting from climate change. The Chairman also pointed out to CAMA's interest in the meteorological sector and to facilitate its tasks and activities in the field of weather observation, which contributes to the development of sustainable development. Meanwhile, he appreciated the FAO's support to the meteorological sector in improving its community services.

For his part, the Asst. Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector- Eng. Mohammed Said Hamid explained that the workshop will enhance the partnership between the relevant authorities in the development of meteorology through support and information exchange. He also pointed out that the meteorological teams in the sector pay great attention to the delivery of information received from the weather observation stations deployed in various Governorates of the Republic to all concerned authorities. He praised the FAO's support to the meteorological sector by providing it with a number of weather observation stations, a marine station, and the rehabilitation of six observation stations.

In the meantime, the Head of the Food Security Secretariat at the Ministry of Planning- Dr. Abdulwahid Mukrid, and the expert in the field of agriculture and irrigation at FAO office in Yemen- Abdulkarim Al-Sabri explained the importance of the workshop in enhancing food security and livelihoods through the meteorological information provided by the National Meteorological Center in order to preserve the agricultural crops. They pointed out the importance of cooperation and partnership with the relevant authorities and coordination which will contribute in achieving the desired goals.

The workshop was attended by the Director General of Irrigation at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, a number of specialists in the meteorological sector and related authorities.


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