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Sana’a International Airport Honors Chairman of CAMA for His Efforts in Continuation of Airport’s Work

airport’s shield in appreciation of his efforts in continuation of the airport's work and its operational and technical readiness over a period of five years. During the honoring ceremony which was attended by CAMA’s Deputy Chairman- Mr. Raed Jabal, Directors General of CAMA, Director General of Taiz International Airport- Mr. Nabil Shamsan and the Deputy Director of Sana’a Airport- Mr. Aosan Jarallah Omar, the chairman of CAMA expressed his gratitude for this honor.

He stressed on the importance of the navigational services provided by Sana'a International Airport locally and internationally in the fields of air transport and civil aviation. He also pointed out that Sana'a International Airport was subjected to a systematic and deliberate targeting because of its strategic, vital and economic importance; drawing the attention that the airport is the first facility that was targeted by the aggression on the night of March 26th ,2015 with a number of air raids to paralyze the international air navigation movement. He stressed that with the solidarity and the steadfastness of all the airport’s staff, CAMA repaired what was destroyed by the aggression to keep it open in accordance with international requirements and ICAO.
In turn, the Director General of the airport praised the role of the Chairman of CAMA in preserving Sana'a International Airport and its readiness; stressing that Sana'a International Airport is working with technical and professional cadres and expertise under the supervision and support of CAMA’s leadership over the past five years.


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