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Sana'a International Airport Celebrates Prophet's (PBUH) Birthday

considered that the celebration of the birth of the Prophet's birthday one of the greatest events that is celebrated by the Arab and Islamic nations for the importance of bringing the Prophet's values ​, ethics, religious and spiritual principles for the world. Al-Shami said: "Our celebration of the world's welfare sends us a spirit of unity, values, principles and noble morals that the Prophet has suffered in order to be a light that shines for the nation ways of goodness and guidance."He referred that the celebrations of the Last Prophet who fought against all types of corruption coincides with the trends of the political leadership in the fight against corruption and corrupters to build the New State of Yemen. He also stressed that the celebration of the Prophet's birthday at Sana'a International Airport is a message to the world that the airport, which was targeted by the aggression in the first raid of war on Yemen and was closed for more than three years, withstood the steadfastness of the mountains in front of the arrogance of the aggression and its tyranny on the Yemeni people. Meanwhile the Minister of Transport called on everyone to actively participate and mobilize to the major central event that will amaze the world of the greatness of the Yemenis and their love for their great Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him and his family.For his part, the Director General of Sana'a International Airport- Mr. Khaled Al-Shaif said that our celebration of the birth of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) at Sana'a airport represents a message of steadfastness in the face of aggression and unjust blockade imposed on the Yemeni people. He also said: "Through such celebration we remind the nation of the need for the loyalty to the Nobel Prophet and the need to return to his biography to overcome the obstacles and cases of multiple loyalties."In the meantime, the Director of Moral Guidance at the Central Security- Colonel/ Mohammed Al-Marwani stressed the importance of celebrating the Prophet's birthday and the great connotations it has to follow in our religious and secular life. Al-Marouni also referred that the celebrations of the Prophet's birthday is a celebration of the clear and near victory over the forces of tyranny, tyrants and the "horn of Satan".On the other hand, the theologian- Mr. Ghaleb Amer presents the miracles that appeared in the birth of "the Mustafa" (PBUH) and how He was raised until He conveyed the message of "Allah the Almighty" and the honesty he carried to bring the people from darkness to light. During the celebration, which was attended by the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader, the Assistant Deputies of Chairman of CAMA and the airport's staff, chanting songs in praise of the Prophet were presented by the vocalist- Mr. Ali Al-Halili which were applauded by the attendees. 


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