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President Al-Mashat Meets with Lands' Surrounding Republic's Airports Problems Remedy Committee

H.E. Marshal/ Mahdi Al-Mashat- President of the Supreme Political Council, met on 12/12/2022 with the Committee in charge of dealing with the Lands Problems which are surrounding the Republic of Yemen Problems. During the meeting, the President- Al-Mashat urged the committee to work in accordance with the international standards in order to achieve the safety to ensure the protection of airports' lands, as they are among the public interests that serve all the Yemeni people.He also directed the committee to complete its work, study the complaints, complete the compensation for the citizens who have not yet been compensated, prevent the constructions, and remove any manifestations that impede the operation of the airports in accordance with the international requirements and standards.The President Al-Mashat also directed to add representatives from endowments and finance to the current committee's members.



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