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Performance Indicator Improvement Committee in Ministry of Transport Convenes Its First Meeting

Abdullah Al-Ansi- Deputy Minister of Transport- Head of the Committee, during which they discussed the tasks assigned to it such as preparing the inaugural work, analyzing the status of the internal and external environment in accordance with the specified executive framework and assessing the status of the internal and external environment.   

Meanwhile, the Committee investigated the preparation of the programmes, projects, time schedule plan and the estimated balance including the roles and responsibilities and other issues aiming at boosting and developing the work of the Ministry during the coming phase.

In the meeting, Mr. Al-Ansi stressed on the importance of executing the tasks in order to contribute in developing the performance professionally and technically as a translation to the instructions of the Minister of Transport aiming at advancing the work of the Ministry, its sectors and affiliated authorities and corporations.

He also pointed that the Committee will do its best to improve the Ministry’s work to cope with the current changes and developments.   


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