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Parliament Votes on Meteorological Law

The parliament members voted on the draft Law for year 2022 on meteorology on Tuesday 6th of December, during a meeting chaired by the President of the Parliament- Yahya Ali Al-Ra'ei, in the light of the report of the Transport and Communications Committee, the observations of the parliament's members, the Committee's supplementary report, and it was approved in its final form.

The draft law consists of 56 articles divided into six chapters, including chapter one and two, definitions, objectives and scope of application.

Chapters III and IV include the organization of meteorological activities and services and their future development, keeping abreast of the developments and meeting international requirements, as well as the organization of meteorological activities and its branches in the management of meteorological activities, forecasts, early warning and climate, inspection and control. While Chapters V and VI consist of penalties and general & final provisions.

This came in the session, which was attended by the Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council Affairs- Dr. Ali Abu Holaiqa, the Assistant Deputy Chairman for the Meteorological Sector- Mohammed Hamid, and a number of specialists form the Government.


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