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Our Country Celebrates Arab Meteorological Day, September 15th

under the slogan "Climate and Community Safety." This year coincided with the passage of half-century since the establishment of the Permanent Arab Committee for Meteorology, on 15th of September 1970. On both occasions, and in view of the conditions of the Coronavirus Pandemic, a simple ceremony was held in the Meteorology Sector under the patronage of Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader - Chairman of CAMA and in the presence of leaders and employees of Meteorological Sector.

During the ceremony, Eng. Mohamed Saeed Hamid- Assistant Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector delivered a speech in which he conveyed the greetings and blessings of the Chairman of CAMA to all the meteorologists and the workers in the stations is spreading throughout the governorates of the Republic, the weather forecasters as well as technicians and all the workers in the Sector on this occasion. The Asst. Deputy Chairman of the Sector expressed the importance of our country’s participation in the Arab world celebration of these two occasions in light of the difficult circumstances that our country is going through. However, despite all the challenges, the Meteorology Sector still provides its distinctive services to all the Yemeni people in all parts of the country. He also stressed on the importance of continuing to provide meteorological services with high professionalism, investigating accuracy and credibility in the information provided to the citizens and concerned authorities and the importance of making sincere efforts by the workers in the field of meteorology in order to reduce the repercussions of weather fluctuations and climate change, and to participate in ensuring the safety of society from the hazarsd of weather and climate disasters.

He added that the celebration of the Arab Meteorological Day is an important opportunity to shed light on the great role provided by the Sector and its effective contribution to mitigating the effects of weather disasters. He also stressed the need for joint coordination between the Sector and the relevant authorities in this aspect in order to take necessary measures to provide high-quality and reliable meteorological services that support decision-making and contribute to the safety and protection of life and property.


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