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Ministry of Transport Obtains First Rank in Annual Financial Closure For Year 2020
The Ministry of Transport obtained the first rank in the Annual Financial Closure for year 2020 for the public finance modernization project (AFMIS).
The Ministry of Finance represented by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance- Dr. Rashid Abu Lohoom thanked and appreciated the Minister of Transport- Mr. Zakaria Al-Shami for his distinguished role in the success of the automation work on the accounting and financial system (AFMIS), in which a number of governmental agencies were linked within the Public Finance Modernization Project.
The Accounting and Financial Management Information System (AFMIS) is the automated system through which the general State's budget is prepared, implemented and the issuance of the final accounts. It aims to support the field of the public finance management by improving and strengthening financial control, managing public funds, providing timely and accurate financial information, preparing financial management reports and improving the efficiency of the government financial and accounting work performance in the Ministry of Finance and the budget's units of the central and local authorities.


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