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Ministry of Transport & Its Affiliated Authorities Leaders Visit of Martyr -Al-Sammad's Tomb and "Al-Khamsin" Martyrs' Garden

on the Anniversary of the Martyr 1442 AH. During the visit, H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami, Chairman of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority Affairs- Mr. Walid Al-Wadaei, Mr. Raed Talib Jabal- Deputy Chairman of CAMA, Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Transport- Mr. Adel Al-Madani, Mr. Khaled Al-Namir, and Directors General put a wreath of flowers at the tomb of the martyr- Al-Sammad and his escorts, and recite "Al-Fatiha" for their souls and all the martyrs of the Homeland. The Minister of Transport considered the visit to the tomb of the martyr Al-Samad as a stopping place to stand in front of a figure who revives in the souls the meanings of pride, dignity, sacrifice and generosity and an opportunity to remember his stances and all the martyrs. He also pointed to the fingerprints left by the martyr- Al-Samad in defending the Homeland and thwarting the aggression's plots that are targeting Yemen. The Minister- Al-Shami referred to the great sacrifice and heroism made by the martyr- President- Al-Samad and all the nation’s martyrs, in the defense of the nation’s prosperity, security, stability, sovereignty and independence. All the participants expressed pride and gratification in the sacrifices of the martyrs who spent their lives defending the Land, honor and the national sovereignty, and in the foreground was the martyr- President- Saleh Al-Sammad. In addition, the Minister of Transport and his companions visited the garden of the martyrs at 50 Street putting a wreath of flowers, during which "Al-Fatiha" was recited for the souls of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of defending our great Homeland.


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