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Ministry of Transport Discusses Strategic Plans and Programs For Year 2021

A meeting in Sana'a on 18th December 2020, chaired by H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami, discussed the strategic plans and programs for year 2021 and the mechanism for their implementation in a way that enhances the development of work in the various transportation fields. The meeting, which was attended by Deputy Ministers, Advisors and Employees of the Ministry of Transport, addressed the aspects related to job discipline, code of conduct, technical, administrative and financial work evaluation, organizational structure, training and qualification. The Minister of Transport affirmed the importance of expanding the vocational qualitative training to develop the capabilities, creativity and innovation in a way that would contribute to enhancing and developing Transport Services and overcoming the difficulties made by the aggression coalition trying to destroy and paralyze the transport's movement.

He also pointed out that the interest and orientation of the Revolutionary Leadership and the Supreme Political Council during the next phase focuses on training, qualification, systems and information in line with the new developments.


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