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Ministry of Transport Discusses Projects of the National Vision Second Phase

The Main Executive Unit of the Transport Sector discussed in its meeting on 17th October 2021 in Sana'a, headed by the Minister of Transport- Amer Al-Marani, the level of executing the activities and projects for the second phase of the current year 2021. At the meeting, in the presence of the head and members of the executive unit in the ministry, the unit reviewed the results of the implementation of the second phase of the national vision 2021 for the third quarter, the problems and obstacles in this regard, and raising them to find appropriate solutions.

At the meeting, the member of the Executive Unit- Eng. Yahya Hobeish, presented a report on the results of the field visit to the Land Transport Regulatory Authority, and the difficulties and obstacles in completing some projects and appropriate solutions to execute the remaining ones before the end of this year. The Minister of Transport also stressed the need to execute the programs and projects of the second phase of the national vision, which would contribute to the development of the various transport sectors.

In the meantime, he stressed the need to overcome the difficulties and motivate the ministry's authorities to execute their plans in accordance with the priorities to alleviate the suffering of citizens.


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