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Ministry of Transport Directs Airports to Raise Medical Readiness to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

urgent measures and procedures in coordination with the Ministry of Health to prevent the entry of Coronavirus epidemic to the country. The Ministry and CAMA- in a press statement- stressed on the importance of taking the required precautions through testing all the passengers by using the sanitary sorting tools or any other diagnosis methods for the patients if any.

The statement referred to the importance of specifying a quarantine area provided with the necessary equipment in the entry points to assess the passengers’ cases and arranging the transfer of the patients to the hospitals or specified medical treatment facilities. It also indicated the importance of intensifying the medical procedures especially on the arrivals from the countries infected with the virus and to prepare a hospital in each governorate which has an international airport to receive the cases which are suspected to be infected. In addition, the statement stressed on the importance to stick to the instructions and bulletins issued by the WHO related to the prevention of the epidemic’s spread.


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