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Ministry of Transport Council Discusses Ministry’s Plan for Current Year

The first meeting of the Ministry of Transport’s Council on 27th February 2021, chaired by the Minister- Zakaria Al-Shami, discussed the ministry’s plan for the current year and the mechanism for development and modernization in various areas of land, sea and air transport. The meeting, in the presence of the ministry's deputy minister for the air transport sector- Abdullah Al-Ansi, and financial and administrative affairs- Adel Al-Madani, Maritime and Ports Affairs- Khaled Al-Namir, advisors and general managers in the ministry, touched on aspects related to training, qualification, capacity building and projects included in the national vision for the second phase 2021-2025.

The meeting also addressed the level of attendance, functional code of conduct, evaluation of directorates’ performance, level of achievement during the last phase and the development of the ministry’s organizational structre. The minister affirmed keenness to develop the plans of the ministry, its sectors, authorities and corporations during the current year in the areas of development, capacity building, training, rehabilitation and automation. He pointed to the importance of coordination between the deartments to accomplish the technical, administrative and financial works in a way that contributes to developing the land, sea and air transport’s areas. The minister- Al-Shami highlighted the importance of executing the plan of the ministry, what was included in the second phase of the national vision and the current condition for year 2021- 2025; drawing the attention that they are strategic projects of great importance in construction and reconstruction of the various transport’s sectors.    


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