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Ministry of Transport Celebrates Seventh Anniversary of September 21st Revolution

On 19th September 2021 in Sana'a, the Ministry of Transport, its affiliated authorities and corporations organized an event to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the glorious September 21 revolution. At the event, the Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Development Affairs- Dr. Hussein Makbouli, indicated that the September 21 revolution embodied the aspirations of the Yemeni people and their aspirations for freedom, dignity, independence, national sovereignty, and an exit from the mantle of foreign domination and mandate .
He also reviewed the achievements of the September 21 revolution, politically, militarily, economically and socially wise, and said: "Thanks to God, Yemen has a national vision for building state's institutions that will contribute to creating a prosperous future for the country that enjoys security, safety and reconstruction." Dr. Maqboli considered the existence of an honest revolutionary leadership and the people's support around it and the system of principles, values and morals that the Yemeni people possess, as one of the most important factors and pillars of the success of the glorious revolution.

In the event, which was attended by the Ministers of Electricity and Energy- Ahmed Al-Ali and the State for National Dialogue- Ahmed Al-Qana’, Minister of Transport Amer Al-Marani indicated that the 21st revolution focused on the present and the future in the face of aggression and building the modern Yemeni state and its development in all fields with an ambitious vision. He also stressed that this revolution is a revolution of freedom, independence, and the preservation of the dignity of the people that embodied the faith identity, while the aggression and its mercenaries sought to obliterate it, pointing to the importance of celebrating this glorious revolution because it is a pure people's revolution in which the forces of evil and personal interests did not interfere.
The Minister Al-Marani also noted that "the September 21st revolution united Yemenis under a wise Yemeni leadership, during which it achieved great achievements, foremost of which are security, safety and victory on all the fronts."
In turn, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal, pointed out, in a speech on behalf of the authorities and corporations affiliated with the Ministry of Transport to the great gains achieved by the September 21st revolution for the Yemeni people in all the developmental, economic and social fields. In the meantime he stressed that "the September 21st revolution expressed the aspirations of the Yemeni people in building and reconstruction, in the face of aggression and preserving their wealth from looting.


Jabal regarded that the September 21st revolution was considered an important station in the lives of Yemenis that achieved freedom and independence.
The event, which was attended by the Governor of Lahj, Deputy Minister of Civil Service and Insurance- Abdullah Al-Moayad, the Deputies of the Ministry of Transport and Chairmen of its affiliated authorities and corporations, included a poem by the poet- Moa'az Al-Junaid, a popular operetta and an expressive artistic portrait


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