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Ministry of Transport Celebrates Annual Martyr Memoriam

from the sacrifice and expiation paid by the martyrs and we should march on their path in confronting the aggression. He clarified that celebrating such memoriam creates in the souls the meanings of steadfastness and determination in facing the invasion and occupation forces; stressing on looking after the families of the martyrs and their needs. He said: “we are celebrating this memoriam to honor and cherish the sacrifices of martyrs who sacrifice their lives for the sake of our country’s dignity and independence.”         

For his part, the scholar/ Mr. Khaled Musa addressed the merit of martyrdom and Jihad for the sake of Allah indicating the importance of commemorating this memoriam in appreciation and gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of supporting the oppressed. He also pointed out that the anniversary of the martyr represents an stimulus for the society to consecrate the culture of martyrdom, sacrifice and giving. "The martyrs gave their lives for a just case and in a holy battle in front of the forces of evil and aggression," he said, referring to the importance of everyone's interaction to care for the families of the martyrs and the injured.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mohammad Haydara and Hussein Al-Sharif indicated in the speeches of the martyrs' families the necessity to follow their path in facing the aggression until victory is achieved; praising the interest of the Ministry of Transport's Leaders and its affiliated authorities, for their care for the martyrs' families.


The event, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Culture- Mr. Mohammad Haydara, Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Transport and the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammad Abdulkader, Chairman of Land Transport Regulatory Authority- Mr. Walid Al-Wadaei and CAMA's Deputy Chairman- Mr. Raed Talib Jabal and the Assistant Deputies CAMA's Sectors, included chanting shows, a presentation and an operetta on the martyrs, in addition to honoring the families of the Ministry’s martyrs and its affiliated authorities.

Moreover, the Minister of Transport, Minister of the State- Al-Mazjaji, Chairman of CAMA and Chairman of Land Transport Regulatory Authority visited the photo gallery of the martyrs of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities.



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