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Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Public Works Discuss the Mechanism of Sana'a International Airport's Development and Modernization

mechanism of developing and modernizing Sana'a International Airport in line with the latest developments.

The meeting that was also attended by Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi- Deputy Minister of Transport for Air Transport Sector, Chairman of Board of Directors of Road Maintenance Fund- Eng. Anis Al-Samawi, Asst. of the Airports Sector at the General Authority for Civil Aviation Mohammed Al-Sharif- Assistant Deputy Chairman of Airports' Sector and Director General of Sana'a International Airport- Mr. Khalid Al-Shayef, addressed the developmental aspects to accommodate a larger number of aircraft at Sana'a Airport of great Sizes.

At the meeting, Minister of Transport stressed the importance of joint work to ensure the success of projects of strategic importance. He said: "Sana'a International Airport is fully prepared and in complete readiness with the various technical, professional and administrative aspects to receive all civil and commercial flights".

Brigade/ AL-Shami pointed out that the developments that will take place in Sana'a airport in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works aim to develop and expand the capacity of the airport to receive huge aircraft.

He pointed out that the development and modernization of the infrastructure of Sana'a International Airport will contribute to the expansion of the operational activity and the capacity of the airport in terms of numbers and sizes of aircraft.
The Minister of Public Works and Roads expressed the readiness of the Ministry and the Road Maintenance Fund to provide all assistance and special consultations in the development of the airport's infrastructure in line with modern developments.

Minister Mutlaq pointed out that the Ministry of Public Works is working in all fields of development with scientific, technical and qualified Yemeni cadres.
Meanwhile, Sana'a International Airport received yesterday a large Boeing aircraft carrying more than 360 tons of medicines and medical supplies provided by the United Nations. The crew of the aircraft praised the airport's readiness with all technical and professional aspects.


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