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Ministry of Transport and CAMA Organize Protest Vigil on the Occasion of the International Civil Aviation Day

The Ministry of Transport and CAMA organized on 7th December 2021 in Sana'a International Airport a protest vigil on the occasion of the International Civil Aviation Day (7th  of  December ). The participants in the vigil affirmed their strong condemnation of the continuation of the shameful international silence regarding the violations, killing and bloodshed of innocent civilians by the countries of the coalition aggression led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In the vigil, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Transport for Air Transport Sector- Abdullah Al-Ansi, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal, Assistant Deputies Chairman of CAMA, the employees of CAMA and its different sectors, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA stressed that the aggression coalition continues to destroy the civilian airports and their infrastructure in front of the International Community including the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the International Civil Aviation Organization. He said: "Our stand today comes on the occasion of the International Civil Aviation, Day as Yemen is a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which signed the International Civil Aviation Convention in Chicago 1944, which is the convention that criminalizes and prohibits any attack or targeting of civil airports as they are civilian facilities which provide services to the peoples of the world." Jabal indicated that the occasion of the World Civil Aviation Day comes while the Yemeni people, with all their segments, have been suffering from the blockade and barbaric aggression for seven years by the aggression coalition. In turn, the Director General of Sana'a International Airport- Khaled Al-Shayef stressed that the aim of the stand is to convey a message to the world which is celebrating the International Civil Aviation Day that the Yemeni people and their civilian airports are under constant bombardment and permanent blockade.He also explained that Sana'a airport has been subjected to continuous bombardment since the beginning of the aggression by the fighters of the coalition aggression indifferently to the international conventions and covenants that prohibit striking civilian facilities, noting that the airport provides its navigational services to the United Nations aircraft, its organizations and the international organizations operating in Yemen, while the Yemeni citizen is deprived of travel, which caused a major humanitarian catastrophe.


Meanwhile, a statement was issued by stand which was read by spokesman of CAMA- Director General of Air Transport, Dr. Mazen Ghanem, in which he indicated that the targeting of Sana’a International Airport by the countries of the aggression coalition on a daily basis threatens the security and safety of the United Nations aircraft and international organizations, accusing the countries of the aggression coalition of any consequences that may occur to the security and safety of these aircraft.The statement also indicated that the countries of the world celebrate this day freely and easy of movement of their citizens by air, while we find that the Yemeni citizen is besieged and around 20 to 30 patients die every day due to their inability to travel for medical treatment abroad or lack of medicine that is transported by air.


And he indicated that the world on this day celebrates the signing of the International Civil Aviation Convention (Chicago 1944), while this convention, laws, legislations and international charters are being violated by the countries of the aggression coalition in Yemen in front of the eyes, ears and silence of the world and international organizations.


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