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Ministry of Legal Affairs Grants Legal Affairs Directorate General of CAMA Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

organizing and following up its legal works obtaining a score of (76%) based on the technical inspection works that were carried out by the Ministry for thirty Legal Directorates, surveying and assessing (240) Legal Members for year 2020. This honor is considered the fruit of the great efforts made by the Legal Affairs Directorate General of CAMA represented by the Director General- Attorney/ Mutahar Yahya Al-Shami, all of its cadres, lawyers and paralegals.

In this context, the Ministry of Legal Affairs organized on 23rd December 2020 a ceremony honoring the Legal Directorates and Legal Members distinguished in their work in the Ministries and Government authorities. At the ceremony- which was attended by the Asst. Deputy Chairman for Aviation Safety Sector- Dr. Abdulhamid Abu Talib, the Director General of Legal Affairs- Lawyer/ Mutahar Yahya Al-Shami, and CAMA’s Lawyer- Munir Al-Junaid- the Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs- Mr. Mahmoud Al-Junaid stressed on the government's support for the efforts of the Ministry of Legal Affairs to improve the legal work and develop the capacities of the workers in protecting public funds, defending the State's cases, developing and modernizing the legal system.

He also pointed out that building the modern state depends on the paths of serving the nation, protecting public funds and order, which cannot be achieved without the application of the Law. The Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs indicated that the most important paths that the government authorities have relied on in analyzing the current situation within the framework of the national vision for building the New State of Yemen is updating the Laws, some of which have become inconsistent with the current phase changes.

Al-Junaid considered the honor to be a catalyst for the Legal Departments to exert more efforts and creativity and create a spirit of competition among the government authorities that still suffer from some shortcomings in their performance in the legal field.

For his part, the Minister of Legal Affairs- Dr. Ismail Al-Mahaghiri explained that such honor came as a culmination of the assessment and survey process for the Legal Departments in the Ministries and Government Authorities that the ministry implemented within the activities of the National Vision for Building the New State of Yemen. He also indicated that the assessment included (30) Legal Departments by surveying and assessing the performance of (240) Legal Members, expressing his hope that the deficiencies in some authorities would be avoided to keep pace with the Ministry's efforts in developing the performance of the Legal System in general.

Dr. Al-Mahaqri praised the Supreme Political Council’s keenness to strengthen the institutional work based on the Laws and Regulations governing all issues.


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