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Minister of Transport Stresses Need For Concerted Efforts To Enhance Role of Meteorology in Yemen

The Minister of Transport- Abdul Wahhab Yahya Al-Durra stressed that Yemen celebrates the World Meteorological Day in light of climate changes and natural disasters that have recently occurred in a number of countries around the world.

In the event organized by the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority - represented by the meteorological sector - on 23rd of March 2023, on the occasion of World Meteorological Day, which falls on March 23rd of each year, the Minister of Transport called for concerted efforts by the concerned authorities to enhance the presence and role of meteorology in Yemen in the awareness and guidance, monitoring and publishing the services to meet these changes.

Al-Durrah pointed out, in the event that was attended by the Minister of Local Administration- Ali Bin Ali Al-Qaisi and the member of Parliament- Dr. Abdul-Bari Dughish, to the role of the meteorological sector in Yemen, and its overcoming of the difficulties and challenges caused by the aggression and blockade imposed on our country eight years ago, in front of a suspicious global silence towards what our country is exposed to. In the forefront transportation sector by the continued closure of Sana'a International Airport.

He also said: "When we meet with the United Nations, we talk about the seaport of Nishtun in Al-Mahra, the seaport of Aden, the seaport of Hodeidah, and Al-Rayyan airport, which - unfortunately - which was turned into a military barracks for the occupier, in addition to Sana'a airport, and the need to lift the siege on it completely, and not for one destination."

He explained that the celebration of this day reminds the people of Yemen of the policy of double standards, which is practiced by the World Meteorological Organization which belonged to UN, and the absence of its role except for what was in the interest of major countries and certain countries. Pointing out that the celebration of this day expresses the pride of every weather observer, and whoever works in the field of Meteorology.

The Minister of Transport added: "We celebrate World Meteorological Day because we are on the ground, and there are achievements and interest from the Supreme Political Council, the Salvation Government, the Ministry of Transport, and the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority in this aspect, and in all the vital aspects that concern the citizen from Socotra to Saada."

For his part, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Talib Jabal, pointed to the factors that multiplied the climate changes caused by humans, and the large use of fuel from oil, coal and natural gas, which causes the emission of large quantities of carbon dioxide, and the removal of trees from large areas, whether forests or other places.

He touched on the interest of the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation  Authority represented by the meteorological sector, pointing out that the culminated efforts of the specialists in the preparation of the Meteorological Law, which was recently approved by the House of Representatives.

Jabal also stressed that the meteorological law will contribute to activating the role of meteorology by defining responsibilities and tasks, and restricting the issuance of bulletins and warnings at the level of the Republic by the sector.

In turn, the Assistant Deputy Chairman of CAMA for Meteorological Sector- Mohammed Saeed Hamid reviewed the sector’s role in issuing bulletins and warnings 24 hours a day, despite the difficult circumstances as a result of the aggression and blockade that put a group of weather observation stations out of service.

He also said, "We were able to keep pace with the rapid developments in meteorology, restore the destroyed stations, secure air navigation safety, and expand the meteorological network to 17 automatic stations in the Republic of Yemen, compared to four stations previously, in addition to the traditional stations."

Hamid stated that the total number of automatic stations is 28, and 10 stations will be installed soon in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, with the support of the European Union and the execution of the FAO.

The event, which was attended by the Deputies of the Ministry of Transport for the Air Transport Sector- Abdullah Al-Ansi, the Director General of the Civil Defense Authority- Major General/ Abdul Karim Meayad, from the Capital Secretariat- Ali Shuraim, and the Assistant Deputies of the Civil Aviation Authority and various meteorology sectors, included a film screening on the occasion of the World Meteorological Day.

In the end of the event, the Minister of Transport and the Assistant Deputies of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority and the Capital Secretariat honored the Yemeni news agency Saba,  Sana’a Radio, Al-Thawra and September 26 newspapers, a number of national media and channels, agencies and specialists, interacting with meteorological bulletins, as well as the workers in the meteorological sector, and specialists in the Yemeni meteorological services.


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