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Minister of Transport Stresses Importance of Rehabilitating the Airports of Taiz, Hodeidah and Hodeidah Seaport

The Minister of Transport- Abdul Wahhab Al-Durra, stressed the importance of rehabilitating Taiz and Hodeidah International Airports and Hodeidah seaport, given their strategic, humanitarian and economic importance in providing services to the Yemeni people.

The Minister of Transport stated, during his meeting on 24th January 2023 with the resident representative of the United Nations Development Program- "Zina Ghaleb", that the airports of Taiz and Hodeidah were out of operational readiness due to the destruction of all facilities, buildings, technical equipment and systems in the two airports.

He also pointed out that Sana'a International Airport provides its air navigation services to international organizations affiliated with the United Nations and other organizations operating in Yemen, and Yemeni travelers through one destination, which did not significantly contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Minister Al-Durra urged the United Nations Development Program to implement the Stockholm Agreement in the rehabilitation of the seaport of Hodeidah, according to the modernization, development and evaluation plan submitted by the two Dutch experts specialized in the field of seaports.

He also pointed out that the purchase of previously agreed upon bridge cranes is a priority for the seaport's work to continue providing its humanitarian and navigational services. He wondered about the reasons for the unjustified delay in purchasing cranes and rehabilitating the seaport.

He stressed on the need to expedite the maintenance of equipment, docks, launches and other devices necessary to restore the dynamism of work in the seaport of Hodeidah, pointing out that the program implemented projects in other seaports that were not subjected to bombing and destruction, which the priority shall be to execute them in Hodeidah seaport.

While the representative of the Deputy Chairman of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority- Raed Jabal, reviewed the volume of the destruction of Taiz and Hodeidah airports by the aggression coalition, which led to their complete departure from service and readiness.

He also stated that the authority has plans to rehabilitate the international airports of Hodeidah and Taiz and needs support to implement those strategic plans and restore the work of the two airports as required and according to the conditions in force in the world's airports and applied by the International Civil Aviation Organization "ICAO".

For her part, the representative of the Development Program affirmed keenness to implement what was agreed upon in Hodeidah seaport.

She also indicated that the work of the program depends entirely on the volume of resources it receives from donor countries to implement projects, stressing the work to meet the needs of Hodeidah seaport and the international airports of Taiz and Hodeidah during the coming period.

The meeting, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Transport for the Air Transport Sector- Abdullah Al-Ansi, the Director of Projects at the Civil Aviation Authority- Dr. Faraj Baather, and the Deputy Resident Representative- Nahed Hussein, discussed issues related to the rehabilitation of Taiz, Hodeidah airports and the necessary needs for Hodeidah seaport.


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