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Minister of Transport States Aggression Coalition Deliberately Destroyed Civil Aircraft and Airports of Yemen

International Laws, Conventions and Treaties. He stated to Sheba New Agency: “the aggression coalition states ignored the International Humanitarian Law and destroyed the civil aircraft and airports of Yemen and are still targeting them in front of the eyes and ears of the world which have not lifted a finger in response until now, whereas they considered targeting the military fighters in Abha airport which are bombing Yemen as a crime.


He also called the International community to criminalize the crimes and abuses committed by the aggression coalition in Yemen specially the blockade imposed on the airports, seaports, land ports and detaining of oil ships. He renewed the demand of the International Community to lift the blockade imposed on the Yemeni airports and seaports by the aggression coalition; stressing that the blockade is considered a flagrant violation to all the International Laws and norms and is a war crime against the Yemeni people.         


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