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Minister of Transport: Media is One of Acculturation and Awareness Most Important Means

indicated, in the concluding first consultation meeting for the officials of Media and Public Relations in the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities and corporations that was organized for a five- day by the Ministry that the capacities building and qualifying them professionally and technically contributes for sure in developing the institutional work. He affirmed that the meeting’s importance in briefing the officials of media and public relations in the Ministry with how to draft and edit the news, reports and preparing the publications by instructors from the Faculty of Information at Sana’a University.          

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport urges the participants to apply the knowledge they obtained on the ground in the different areas of transport and to focus on the crimes of the aggression by revealing them via the media to the international public opinion in addition to the systematic destruction that had been incurred to the transport’s sectors. He also clarified that the plan of the ministry and its affiliated authorities and corporations focuses on activating the technical and professional training and qualification programmes; clarifying that more than 38 specialized training courses were approved in the different areas of transport aiming to elevate the performance of the employees. He stressed the keenness to develop the human capacities particularly in the areas of media, pointing out to the importance of media role in revealing the crimes of the aggression and mercenaries since six years.       

The meeting came out with a number of recommendations aiming at developing the media work at the Ministry of Transport such as conducting training courses next March to complete the Consultation Meeting Programme which included the art of photography, public relations, graphics & media, using media clips, information and crisis management, refuting the ways of information falsehood and misleading. The recommendations also included the issuance of an electronic magazine for the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities and corporations concerned with the transport’s technical and professional affairs related to air, marine and land transport activities, achievements and various projects.          

In the meantime, the recommendations affirmed the importance of boosting the coordination with the Ministry of Information and the different means of media to present an introductory picture about the performance of the Ministry of Transport, establishing media windows for the Marine Affairs Authority, Road Transport Local Corporation inside the premises of the Ministry.

In the conclusion ceremony that was attended by the Governor of Ibb- Mr. Abdulwahid Salah, Deputy Minister of Transport for Financial & Administrative Affairs- Mr. Adel Al-Madani, Deputy Minister of Transport for Marine and Seaports Affairs- Mr. Khaled Al-Namir, the Director Generals and the employees of the Ministry of Transport, Certificates of Honor were given to the participants.     


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