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Minister of Transport Inspects work progress in the Ministry’s Head Office after Eid Al Fitr Holiday

The Minister of Transport- Amer Al-Marani inspected on 18th May 2021 the work progress on the first day of the official working hours after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday at the Ministry's Head Office. He was briefed on the level of job discipline in the Land, Air And Sea Transport Sectors, the General Departments of the ministry, and the Marine, Land And Air Information Center looking at the services and information provided by the Center which are keeping up with the modern technology.

The Minister of Transport along with the Ministry's Deputies, Advisors, and Chairmen of the affiliated authorities and corporations listened to an explanation from the personnel in charge and those concerned about the work progress, job discipline and the level of the services provided in a technical and professional manner. The Minister also called on the employees of all the sectors to exert their best efforts and dedication to work, appreciating all efforts exerted in the different Transport Sectors.

Meanwhile,  he urged them to work hard and adhere to the official working hours and redouble the efforts in a way that would improve the transportation fields and advance them as they play an important role in the national economy and moving its wheel.


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