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Minister of Transport Inspects Work Progress in Meteorology Sector

inspect the work progress in the Sector during which they listened to an explanation from Eng. Mohammed Hamid- Asst. Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector and the specialists of the National Meteorology Sector regarding the work progress in the Sector, ration of performance and the level of weather and climate observation services around the clock, i.e. 24 hours.     

The also had an idea on how information are received from the World Weather Stations, analyzing the data, surface and upper maps based on which weather bulletins are issued. They looked at the national and international atmosphere and climate control systems via satellites and climate archive, the climate studio which contains new devices and equipment for Montague, graphics, lighting and sound through which weather conditions bulletin is read by Yemen Satellite Channel.   

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport praised the efforts exerted by the specialists of the Sector and the National Meteorology center and the services provided by them for most of the citizens specially the farmers and fishermen during the rainy seasons through the warnings and alerts issued by the Center. He indicated that the occurrence of some disasters caused by the floods is taking place because of the unserious reaction by the concerned authorities with the Sector; stressing on the keenness of intensifying the social awareness on the importance of Meteorology Sector and the daily weather bulletins issued.

In turn, the Chairman of CAMA praised the efforts of the specialists and technicians in the field of Meteorology to obtain the information which benefit the society of weather and climate conditions changes in order to limit the disasters due to climate, terrains and winds change. He also drew the attention to the importance of the Sector’s services in the economic development and encouraging the investment in the fields of agriculture, commerce and etc… to boost the national economy’s wheel towards the best.

In the meantime, a meeting chaired by the Minister of Transport discussed the difficulties facing the Sector and the development plans of the Sector. During the meeting that was attended by the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of CAMA, the Minister of Transport pointed out to the keenness of the Supreme Political Council to modernize the Meteorology Sector due to its direct association with the agricultural development.   



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