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Minister of Transport: Five Billion and 856 Million US Dollars Losses of Transport Sector Due to Aggression

years amounted to five billion and 856 million US dollars according to the preliminary estimates. The Minister of Transport stressed, in the press conference held on 30th of March 2020 in Sana'a on the occasion of the National Day of Resilience under the slogan "Five years of heroism and resilience in the face of aggression", that the Ministry and its affiliated authorities and institutions will witness in the sixth year more accomplishments in the various transport sectors in a way that contributes to the recovery of the national economy.

Civil Aviation and Seaports Corporation Losses:
The Minister Al- Shami stated that the damages and losses, direct and indirect, in the civil aviation and meteorology sector are estimated at 4 billion and 725 million US dollars, while the damage and losses of the Yemeni Red Seaports Corporation are estimated at 955 million US dollars.

Land Transportation Losses:
With regard to the damages and losses incurred by the Land Transport Sector as a result of the aggression, the Minister of Transport stated that it amounted to $176 million according to the estimates of the Land Transport Affairs Regulatory Authority in addition to the loss of lives; indicating that the air, land and sea blockade led to a humanitarian disaster which is the worst in the world in accordance with the Reports of the United Nations and International Organizations. The Minister of Transport also indicted that the aggression coalition systematically targeted the different transport sectors since its first aggressive operations, targeting civilian airports, sea and land ports in a flagrant violation of international Laws, Treaties and Covenants, foremost of which is the Chicago International Convention.
He stated that one thousand and 825 days of aggression formed for the leadership, cadres, authorities and institutions of the transport sectors a steadfastness front that diminished the plans of the aggression coalition to create a complete paralysis of this vital sector and isolate Yemen from the world. The Minister of Transport stressed that the technical and professional cadres in the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities and institutions were able with high efficiency to restore the technical readiness of these facilities after every air raid by the aggression’s coalition air fighters.

He pointed to the accomplishments achieved in the field by restoring the technical and operational readiness of all transport sectors and continuing to provide their services and perform the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them. The Minister of Transport thanked all the employees of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities and institutions for undertaking their national responsibility in facing the aggression and its destructive projects.
In the conference that was attended by the Deputies of the Ministry for Air Transport Sector- Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi, Maritime Affairs and Ports- Mr. Khaled Al-Namir, Financial and Administrative Affairs- Mr. Adel Al-Madani, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader stated that the aggression coalition countries attacked the civil facilities on the first day of their aggression on March 26th, 2015 where Sana'a International Airport, the main artery for the citizens of the Republic of Yemen for humanitarian and civil trips, was targeted in addition to targeting the rest of the Yemeni airports. He pointed out that the aggression countries have banned flights on all the Yemeni airports, restricting the movement of millions of civilians and stranded people, and caused a great humanitarian tragedy.
And that nearly 80% of the workers in this sector lost their jobs, many strategic projects, such as the New Sana'a International Airport Development Project, Taiz International Airport Development Project, Mukalla International Airport Development Project, and other projects that serve the aviation sector, have been stopped.

Civil Aviation Authority Losses:
 The Chairman of CAMA also pointed out that the direct damages and losses incurred by CAMA were in the infrastructure of CAMA's facilities, equipment and its airports and branches estimated at one billion and 700 million US dollars. He explained that the damages and losses of the sectors associated with CAMA such as Yemen Airways and Felix Airways amounted to more than one billion and 636 million US dollars, while the losses in the travel, air freight sectors, automated reservation systems and franchise providers reached $ 657 million USD. The Chairman of CAMA also pointed out that many economic sectors were affected as a result of targeting civil aviation by the aggression such as tourism, trade, investments, balance of payments and movement of capital, which represents a large percentage of the gross domestic product; indicating that the losses are large and difficult to be estimated at the present time as a result of the severe damages incurred by these sectors.

Land Ports:
In turn, the Chairman of the Land Transport Affairs Regulatory Authority- Mr. Walid Al-Wada’ai said that the direct losses incurred by the authority until March 2020 as a result of the bombing of the main center of the authority and the destruction of “Al-Tuwal” International Land Port and the total destruction of “Alib” Land Port amounted to six million US dollars. He explained that indirect damages and losses resulted from the aggression and its mercenaries controlling over the two branches of the authority in the governorates of Aden and Hadramout and the two Land Ports of “Alwadia’a” and “Shehin” and stoppage of the revenues amounted to 47 million and 241 thousand US dollars, in addition to that the aggression caused the suspension of construction projects at Al-Tuwal Land Port at a cost of seven million and 500 thousand US dollars and dry port projects at a cost of 30 million US dollars, the projects of the passengers transport terminal for about three million and 385 thousand US dollars, and the projects of the land centers for logistics services in the seaports with seven million US dollars.

Al-Wadei stressed that the authority overcame the difficulties imposed by the aggression to paralyze the land transport whereas new branches were opened and reactivated the work in the two branches of the authority in Hodeidah and Taiz. He also pointed out that the authority seeks in accordance with the strategic goals and executive procedures mentioned in the National Vision to provide high-quality services that the citizen can touch through the establishment of dry land ports and logistical centers at the entrances to the main cities according to the technical studies that keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of transport services.
Meanwhile, the Vice-President of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation- Mr. Yahya Sharaf Al-Din reviewed the destruction of Hodeidah seaport and the seaports belonging to the corporation, i.e. Ras Easa, Al-Salif and Mokha. He clarified that the aggression destroyed the infrastructure of Hodeidah seaport, the most prominent of which are the bridge cranes and containers that depend on it to facilitate the marine navigation movement.

And that, in August 2015, the aggression air fighters directly targeted Hodeidah seaport, the main artery for most of the Republic of Yemen population, with a number of raids, which led to the destruction of the crane bridges entirely, maintenance, equipment, systems, and heavy machinery hangers that depend on it for unloading and receiving ships. Sharaf Al-Din pointed out that the aggression partially destroyed Mocha seaport and targeted the locomotive park in Ras Issa port and the closure of the port until now.
He also explained that the Corporation has put in place emergency strategic plans that will operate Hodeidah seaport by human efforts instead of the machines that were destroyed by the aggression; pointing out that the projects that were included in accordance with the guidelines and directives in the National Vision will contribute to speeding up the work for ships and providing better navigational services.
The conference was attended by Yemen Airways Acting Chairman- Mr. Abdulmalik Mutahar, CAMA’s Deputy Chairman- Mr. Raed Jabal and Director General of Sana’a International Airport, Mr. Khaled Al-Shaif.


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