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Prime Minister Holds Coalition of Aggression Responsible for Suffering of Yemeni people As a Result of Closure of Sana'a Airport

The Prime Minister, who attended the event organized by the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority on 8th August 2019 in Sana'a on the occasion of the passage of three years since the closure of Sana'a International Airport without legal justification, stressed the importance of this event in highlighting on the humanitarian and legal effects resulting from the closure of this vital artery, which was and is and will continue to be together with the seaport of Hodeidah and the rest of the ports, the artery of this nation and the lung through which the Yemeni people breathe.
He added: "three years ago, the aggression has been trying to cut off this artery and to close this outlet and these gates so that the Yemeni citizen suffers all this pain and suffering, including the practices that we see from time to time by the sick people who take advantage of the suffering of our people when they travel to Aden airport. ''

"They believe that by closing the airport, the citizen is unaware or aware and does not know that there is a clear enemy practicing this act brutally against our people," he said, stressing that everyone understands that the closure of the airport is the coalition of Saudi aggression at the behest of the Zionist movement and America and not the national party represented by the Supreme Political Council or the Salvation Government. Dr. bin Habtoor pointed out that the National Salvation Government in all its meetings and discussions at the leadership and ministerial level raises the issue of the closure of the airport to all visiting delegations to the Republic of Yemen and all organizations working in Yemen because of the suffering suffered by the closure of the airport for a wide segment of citizens.

He referred to the racism practices of the agents against some of the sons of the northern and Arab Governorates, noting that the agents and mercenaries are cheap tools at the hands of Saudi Arabia and the UAE who are implementing what the enemies want in dirty ways to serve their masters who want to kneel the people of Yemen and be obedient surrender and present within their tent and Zionist project.
He said: "this is something that everyone knows and even the agents are aware of, and they are doing what is required of them for the brutal displacement and the primitive ethnic cleansing that the enemies want to deepen the wound among our Yemeni people as part of a policy of divide and rule that is an extension to the old British colonial culture. ''

The Prime Minister stressed that these Zionist practices are condemned religiously and morally and condemned by our people and the Law. He explained that the relevant government agencies are currently preparing a detailed report of these cleansing practices committed by the agents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, while the judicial record remains open to record these crimes against citizens. He also pointed out that the conflicting forces today in Aden are agents and mercenaries who differ among themselves and are struggling for cheap interests and gains at the expense of the Homeland and its sons, security and safety, indicating that what we are witnessing today is a conflict between the Saudi agents and UAE agents in front of the gate of the Presidential Palace "Ma'ashiq" which the innocent citizens are the victims stressed that they are just tools that only carry out what the owner of their decision wants them to take over.
He clarified that Saudi Arabia wants to subjugate Yemen as a whole, while the UAE wants to conquer the seaports and warm water to be controlled by each of them and each party has his project and executed by the their agents and mercenaries, stressing the importance of the presence of awareness among everyone and especially the citizen, with the visibility of this big conspiracy that is woven against the Yemeni people and not against a specific category.

He pointed out the national alignment that exists today in Sana'a among all the citizens of the country, including politicians, scientists, media, sheikhs and citizens and ditching everyone in one national front to resist the aggressor and the invading occupier, indicating that such alignment is the strongest message to respond to the fabricate lies of the enemy which is trying to cram its aggression in a particular corner while it is in fact aimed at the Yemeni nation as a whole. 
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister warned of the danger of confusion that we see today, in which the Muslim brother has become an enemy and Israel and world Zionism are close friends. He reiterated the importance of holding such events in reminding the officials of their responsibilities and reminding the agents and mercenaries that history records all their disgraceful acts against the Yemeni people, considering their cleansing practices and tampering with the security and safety of the Homeland one of the direct results that the Yemeni citizen daily suffers from this brutal aggression and destructive criminal occupation.

In the event that was attended by Foreign Minister- Eng. Hisham Sharaf, Public Health Minister- Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil, Ministers of the State- Abdulaziz Al-Bukair and Ms. Radhia Mohammed and the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers- Dr. Ahmed Al-Dhurafi, H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami explained that the aggression targeted Sana'a International Airport in its first air raids on the night of 26th March 2015 while it was packed with passengers.
He stressed that the imposition of the air blockade on civil aviation by the aggression coalition is contrary to all the International Conventions and Treaties, especially the Civil Aviation Convention- Chicago 1944.

Al-Shami also pointed out that the closure of Sana'a airport caused a humanitarian catastrophe that killed 40 thousand patient cases that were in urgent need of travel for medical treatment abroad, while more than 350 thousand cases of incurable and chronic diseases await an unknown fate, according to recent statistics of the Ministry of Health and International Humanitarian Organizations.
"Every day between 25 and 30 cases die due to failure to travel abroad for medical treatment and the scarcity of medicines that come by air," he said, adding that this was a crime in addition to the crimes of the aggression and stigma in the face of the International Community for his silence about what is happening in Yemen.
The Minister of Transport affirmed the readiness of Sana'a International Airport to receive any flights, pointing out that Sana'a airport receives flights of the United Nations and international organizations operating in Yemen, which reached 800 flights during the first half of this year, while the Yemenis could not travel for medical treatment to save their lives.

He clarified that the humanitarian situation is getting worse and is exacerbated with the current events taking place in Aden and preventing the patients from the northern Governorates from traveling for medical treatment abroad through Aden airport.
In the meantime, the Minister of Transport appealed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and international organizations to respond quickly to the opening of Sana'a International Airport for civilian flights and to save the lives of the patients and return of the stranded.

During the event, which was attended by the Chairman of the Land Transport Regulatory General Authority, Mr. Walid Al-Wadaei, Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif, Assistant Deputy Chairman of CAMA, Director General of Sana'a International Airport- Mr. Khaled Al-Shaif,  Director General of Air Transport- Dr. Mazen Ghanem and Director General of Airports Sector-Mr.  Amin Juma'an, a presentation about the tragedy of Sana'a Airport closure and a Play titled "A journey of pain” were presented.


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