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Minister of Transport Calls Security Council to Uplift Blockade on Yemen’s Airports

H.E. Brigade/Zakaria Al-Shami- Minister of Transport called the Security Council to issue a decisive resolution to stop targeting the airports of the Republic of Yemen and uplift the air blockade imposed on Sana’a International Airport. The Minister of Transport said: “while the world is celebrating on the Civil Aviation World Day which falls on the 7th of December 2020 of each year, the airports of the Republic of Yemen are exposed to systematic targeting and destruction by the fighters of the aggression coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The Minister- Al-Shami in a press statement for Yemen News Agency (Sheba) condemned the silence of the International Community, Humanitarian and Relief Organizations towards the extermination war and oppressive blockade by the Saudi- Led Coalition of Aggression against the Yemeni people.

Meanwhile, he called and demanded the Security Council and the United Nations to issue a resolution to resume the civil, commercial and humanitarian flights from and to Sana’a International Airport- the First Gate of Yemen.

The Minister of transport affirmed that the aggression coalition strikes against the wall all the International Treaties, Laws and Conventions by the continuation of targeting the Yemeni Civil Airports.               


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