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Discussing CAMA's Work Development Mechanism for the next year

H.E. Brigade/Zakaria Al-Shami- Minister of Transport chaired a meeting on 6th December 2020 to discuss the mechanism for developing the work of CAMA and automating the financial and administrative aspects during the next year 2021. The meeting, which was attended by Deputy Minister of Transport for Air Transport Sector- Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammad Abdulkader and Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Raed Jabal, also reviewed the Civil Service Report on job discipline in the official working hours of CAMA's employees, its sectors, and the report on completing the Automation System and linking it online with the Ministry.

The meeting discussed the formation of a Legal Team by CAMA to preserve the lands of the airports and their parameters from the attacks they are exposed to by the influential people who are taking advantage of the war condition that the country is going through of aggression and blockade, in addition to preparing a training and rehabilitation plan targeting all the employees of CAMA during the next year.The Minister of Transport stressed the importance of completing the automation system and paying attention to the training and qualification of the CAMA's employees, especially in the qualitative technical aspect, in accordance with the instructions of the Revolutionary and Political Leadership. He also pointed out that the achievements and development of work can only be achieved through solidarity, cooperation and work in the spirit of one team in a way that contributes to the promotion and development of CAMA’s work and the services it provides in the field of civil aviation locally and internationally.  Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport urged the leadership of CAMA on the importance of obliging the employees to adhere to the job discipline and working hours for the public interest and to develop and update work in line with the recent developments in the field of civil aviation.


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