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Minister of Transport Calls on UN Envoy To Conduct Daily Flights to Amman and Cairo

The Minister of Transport- Abdel Wahab Al-Durra renewed the demand of the UN envoy to Yemen, the necessity of operating daily flights to Amman and Cairo through Sana’a International Airport, given the increasing need of passengers, especially patients.

The Minister of Transport stressed on the necessity of operating daily flights from Sanaa to Amman and Cairo during the remainder of the humanitarian truce so that citizens and patients in particular could travel.

He also said: "As soon as Yemeni Airways opened the reservation door for the Friday flight, May 27th, all seats were booked within 15 minutes, including 80 sick cases, and all seats were reserved for the return flight from Amman to Sana'a."

The Minister of Transport indicated that the reason for the lack of passengers during the previous two flights from Jordan was the cancellation of the first flight, which was scheduled for April 24th, according to the humanitarian truce, which led to the departure of some passengers and caused trouble and losses for those coming to them.

He also added,: "As a result of the conduction of the two outbound flights from Sanaa to Amman, the next two flights, on Wednesday and Friday, May 25-27, will be completely full, which confirms the necessity of operating flights on a daily basis."

Minister Al-Durra held the United Nations and the aggression coalition responsible for the deliberate slowdown and delay of the flights specified in the humanitarian truce, the most important of which is the operation of 16 flights to Amman and Cairo..

He called for the permanent opening of Yemeni airports and ports as a right for all the citizens in accordance with the international and humanitarian laws, charters and agreements


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