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Minister Of Transport And Chairman of CAMA Reviewed Training Process Progress At CAMI

look at all the executed activities and training programs that are organized by CAMA at CAMI such as the Air Transport Basics Diploma No. (13), Computer Science CAMA Diploma No. (5) and the Air Law Rules No. (1). Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport stressed on the importance of developing the training curricula and upgrading the training process at CAMI. He said: "the training and qualification is the basis for the advancement and development of Nations, and is competed by the developed countries in all the sciences and methodology of the scientific and practical development." Stressing that the qualification contributes to the quality of performance in the different fields of construction and development.

The Minister- Al-Shami praised the level of performance and achievement reached by CAMI at the process of training and qualification in the field of civil aviation and meteorology and the new equipment provided to CAMI; in a positive step for which the leadership and cadres of the Institute deserves praise and appreciation. In addition, he expressed the aspiration of the Ministry's leadership that the Institute be a model in developing the training process for the cadres of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated Institutions and Authorities to compete with the developed countries in their curricula and qualifying the cadres capable of building and comprehensive development. The Minister along with the Chairman of CAMA listened from the Dean of the Institute- Dr. Naji Al-Sohmi to a clarification of the training progress in accordance with the plans and studies that have been prepared.

Al-Sohmi also indicated that the Institute provides training services in accordance with the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) through a training staff with international experience and new technically, professionally and administratively advanced curricula. In the meantime, he pointed out that the institute's plans in the field of training and qualifications were established during the coming stage in a way that contributes to strengthening and developing civil aviation and meteorology; praising the interest of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA in the Institute, supporting the training and qualification efforts.
This was followed by reviewing a working paper presented by the Team in charge of updating the SMS syllabus for the Land and Maritime Transport Sectors


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