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Minister of Transport and Chairman of CAMA Honors 6th Batch of Civil Aviation Engineers

6th batch of civil aviation engineers. During the celebration that was organized by Bazara’a Civil Aviation Academy, the Minister of Transport considered the graduation of 12 students in the field of Civil Aviation Engineering a qualitative leap in enhancing and developing the civil aviation at the local and international level.

He also stressed that the graduation of this constellation represents a message to the aggression that the Yemenis are continuing the construction and keeping up with the technological development at all fields. He praised the scientific message provided by the Academy in the field of civil aviation under an aggression which has destroyed everything in Yemen stressing the readiness of the Ministry and CAMA to provide support to the Academy according with the available potentials. Meanwhile, he drew the attention to the services provided by the Academy in the field of civil aviation to qualify the Yemeni cadres in accordance with the requirements and standards of ICAO by scientific and developed curricula coping up with the new developments.

On his part, the Chairman of CAMA considers the Academy a distinguished scientific edifice on the Arab nation level since it works in accordance with the international provisions and standards, the ICAO’s requirements and under the direct supervision of CAMA for all its activities. He added that the graduation of a new group of graduates represents an added value to the work market of local and international civil aviation sector.

In turn, Captain/ Saleh Abu Bakr Bazara’a- Chairman of the Academy clarified that the graduates received for 30 months developed courses in aircraft engines maintenance and engineering in a professional and technical form on the types of different civil aircraft. He appreciated the role of CAMA and its interest in the Academy at all levels that facilitates the educational process for the Yemeni cadres in the field of civil aviation.

At the end of the ceremony that was attended by Deputy Minister of Transport- Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi, Dr. Abdulhamid Abu Taleb- Asst. Deputy Chairman of CAMA for Aviation Safety Sector, Eng. Mohammed Saeed Hamid- Asst. Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector and Dr. Naji Al-Sohmi- Director General of Civil Aviation & Met. Institute, certificates of honor were given to the graduates.        


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