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Minister of Transport Affirms Keenness to Keep Abreast of Developments in Field of Civil Aviation

Security Basics on 12th October 2019, organized by Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute(CAMI), that the training courses organized by the Institute contribute to the development and modernization of work in the field of civil aviation. He also stressed on the keenness of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA to develop the capabilities of cadres.

The 12-day course aims to provide (13) participants from various sectors of CAMA with the latest developments on the civil security procedures emanating from ICAO. The training course also focuses on a number of axes, including operational and standard procedures at the inspection points, inspections, regulations and civil security programs for international civil aviation and how to change the security procedures inside the airports.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader, Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif and the Assistant Deputy Chairman for Airports Sector- Mr. Yahya Al Kuhlani


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