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Meteorology Sector Organizes Press Conference on the Role of Media in Raising Awareness of Weather Fluctuations.

On 7th of Ramadan 1444 in Sana'a, the meteorological sector of CAMA organized a press conference on forecasts for the rainy season and the role of the media in raising the awareness of weather fluctuations hazards.

Through the organization of the conference, the authority sought to inform the community of the importance of weather and climate change in Yemen, especially the expectations related to the rainy season, and the importance of continuous follow-up by various media, as well as shedding light on the meteorological law that was issued recently.

At the conference, which was attended by the general directors of the meteorological sector, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal discussed the importance of the role of the meteorological sector in disseminating alerts and warnings to preserve the safety of citizens and their properties due to the different natural disasters.

He also pointed out that the sector works regularly on 24 hour- basis a day to provide meteorological services, despite the difficult circumstances and conditions that the country is going through.

Jabal praised the role of the media in disseminating the warnings of the National Center of Meteorology, stressing the importance of strengthening its role in raising the level of community awareness in this aspect. He pointed out to the need for the national channels to broadcast weather bulletins due to their importance to the citizen.

He also stated that weather bulletins and alerts are a priority in various countries of the world, stressing the need for full coordination between the different institutions and the meteorological sector before executing any project in order to avoid any obstacles caused by rain, torrential rains and other weather factors.

For his part, the Assistant Deputy Chairman for the Meteorological Sector- Mohammed Hameed explained the importance of creating a partnership with the media to broadcast bulletins and alerts of the National Center in a timely manner, given that the delay in publishing alerts does not work, especially with the emergency conditions of the weather .. also stressing that the main goal of the center is to protect the citizen through what Its issued bulletins about weather and climate change.

He also pointed to the importance of activating the Cabinet Resolution No. 35 of 2009 through coordination between government authorities and the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority with regard to the weather forecast, stressing that the recently issued meteorological law aims to regulate weather observation operations and disseminating stations and systems for observations and forecasts.

He said: "The law assigned this responsibility to one party, taking into account not to overlap with the tasks of other parties, and the National Center of Meteorology is the only source of information for the media and society."

After the conference, a number of media professionals were briefed on the workflow of the meteorological sector through devices, equipment and techniques for observing climate and weather changes in scientific and technical ways with high accuracy, and in accordance with international standards.

They also listened from the Center's Director- Khaled Al-Salwi, to an explanation of the center's work, the tasks it performs, and the services it provides through issuing weather forecasts and distributing them to various media channels.


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