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Meteorology Sector in Cooperation with European Union and Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) Organizes Workshop for Weather Observers and Communications Specialists
European Union and Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
The two-day workshop aims to standardize observation methods and climate data processing within the framework of the European Union-FAO Food Security Program, as well as modern observation methods and their collection to avoid errors in observation process and weather phenomena and their utilization in various economic and development sectors.
During the workshop that was attended by Asst. Deputy Chairman for Airports Sector- Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif and Asst. Deputy for Air Navigation Sector- Mr. Abdullah Al-Mutawakil, Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader indicated the importance of such workshop in developing and building information capabilities of the observers and communications specialists and developing Meteorology Sector in the future.
He also drew the attention that the workshop comes within the framework of the preparation of an Integrated Early Warning System in Yemen; pointing out that the FAO is working to develop agricultural activity in countries that depend on agriculture, including Yemen, which 75 percent of its population lives based on agriculture. Meanwhile, the Chairman of CAMA thanked the European Union, FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation for supporting the workshop in strengthening Food Security Program.
For his part, Asst. Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector- MR. Mohammed Said Hamid clarified the importance of weather and climate information issued by Meteorology Sector in the economic, developmental fields and investment projects that serve the country and contribute to the acceleration of the economy's wheel.
He also praised the efforts of CAMA's leadership in their continuous support of Meteorology Sector, in addition to praising the efforts of the Food Security Coordinator, the European Union and FAO in supporting climate information and observation systems in Yemen. He expressed his hope that such support to establish an Integrated Early Warning System will continue in Yemen.
In the meantime, FAO's National Coordinator for Food Security Systems- Dr. Mansour Al-Qadasi stressed FAO's interest and contribution to the establishment of an early warning system for food security in Yemen taking care of food security including all of its components, such as climate information based on which we can forecast floods, frosts, rain and other climatic information. He also indicated the importance of early warning in ensuring food security through providing agricultural crops on a regular basis; pointing out that the early warning of food security works on economic stability and helps in finding investment projects in the economy and boosting areas of development.
He added that rehabilitation will be made to (36) Meteorology Stations of the existing stations that suffer from technical defects and need to be maintained and restored.
In turn, Director General of Agricultural Irrigation in the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation- Mr. Iskandar Thabet said that there is good coordination and work between Irrigation and Meteorology sectors in Tehama through the installation of seven stations from which we receive the required data and work based on it to develop agricultural production and irrigation; stressing on the importance of climate data and information in the agricultural sector, its activity and development in the agricultural fields as it works on the production of plentiful agricultural crop with an important and nutritional value.


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