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Meteorology Sector Conducts Seminar in Sana'a Related to Role of Media and Communication in Warning of Weather Hazards

Protection of Lives and Properties” aimed to raise the awareness of weather forecasts importance, introducing the role of media and communication in disseminating weather warnings to avoid disasters which take place as a result of weather and climate change. At the seminar attended by specialists, weather observers and media from the various print, audio and visual media, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader stressed on the importance of sensitizing the community to preserve their lives and properties through the media and communication, especially with regard to the air warning bulletins messages.

He pointed out to the role of media in the dissemination of information on the variables of weather, climate and topography and communicated to the various society segments, clarifying that the National Meteorology Center is working with professional technical staff specialized in meteorology deployed in most Governorates through its stations around the clock. The Chairman of also confirmed that CAMA is currently working to develop the Center and provide it with the technical needs and requirements in accordance with the available possibilities. In turn, Eng. Mohammed Said Hamid- Asst. Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector said that the Center works through more than twenty stations spread throughout the Governorates to provide the weather meteorological and marine information.

He noted that weather forecasts are being sent to the media indicating that the media through its various means is a key partner in the transfer of meteorological information prepared by the National Meteorology Center. During the Seminar, a number of working papers were prepared by various print, audio and visual media that are interested in weather bulletins.  The Director of the Yemeni News Agency (SABA) office at Sana'a International Airport- Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rouni presented a working paper on the agency's role in enhancing the community's awareness of the weather forecasts importance. He pointed to the agency's keenness to broadcast weather news, warning bulletins and alerts issued by the National Meteorology Center.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abdullah Al-Suswa from Sana'a Radio presented a working paper entitled "The role of radio broadcasting in raising awareness of the importance of following up the daily weather." He pointed out that the radio accompanies the listener and accompanies him/her everywhere, whether in mountains, plains, valleys and fields. The paper also presented by Mr. Nabil Al-Sharafi from Yemen Satellite Channel tackled the role of television in warning of the weather hazards, while the journalist- Ibrahim Al-Hajjaji presented a working paper on the internet and its appearance in the weather bulletins. A working paper was presented by MTN Mobile Company on the role of telecommunications companies in warning of weather and climate hazards and other papers were presented by meteorologists form the Sector.

The Seminar came up with a number of recommendations that stressed on the importance of sending weather and warning bulletins to the relevant authorities in a timely manner and communicating with the Meteorological Center to obtain the weather information and climate variables. In addition, the recommendations also stressed on the need for the media to interact with the weather bulletins and publish them as soon as possible, as well as conducting training courses for media cadres.


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