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Meeting Chaired By Maghbouli Reviews Plan To Establish An Early Warning Center

On 19th December 2020, a meeting in Sana'a, chaired by H.E. Deputy Prime Minister for Development and Services- Dr. Hussein Maghbouli, reviewed the plan submitted by the Meteorological Sector to establish an Early Warning Center. The meeting, in the presence of Minister of Transport- Brigade/Zakaria Al-Shami, Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammad Abdulkader, Assistant Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector- Eng. Mohammed Saeed, discussed the new high-precision technical equipment that will be included in the center to observe the elements and weather phenomena, to establish and equip new Met. Observations Stations in addition to the previous (28) land, sea and marine stations in all the Governorates.The meeting also discussed the establishment of an advanced and new observation system to assist the technical staff in the early warning of the changing weather phenomena with the aim of protecting the lives and properties from any natural disasters and climate changes in the future. At the meeting, Dr. Maghbouli praised the plan that included all the requirements for establishing the Early Warning Center, which was prepared in a technical and professional manner by the hands of specialized cadres in the field of meteorology.He emphasized that the plan will receive the attention of the political leadership, which will work to provide the needs included in it for its importance in the life of society and in the economic fields, agricultural and investment development that will jump-start the national economy. The Deputy Prime Minister expected to execute this plan and establish the Early Warning Center during the next year, as it is a major requirement that serves the Yemeni people with highly qualified local cadres specialized in the field of forecasts, climate changes and natural phenomena.For his part, the Minister of Transport stressed the interest in the Meteorology Sector as it provides local and international services in the land, sea and air fields. He also pointed out the importance of establishing an Early Warning Center and providing it with advanced systems, equipment and specialized technical cadres working to serve the Yemeni people and preserve their properties from the climate changes and natural phenomena.


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