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Laying Foundation Stone For Construction of Eastern Entrance Bridge of Sana'a International Airport

The Minister of Transport in the provisional government-  Abdul Wahab Al-Durra,  on 24th October 2023 laid the foundation stone at Sana'a International Airport and inaugurated the work on the project to construct the airport's eastern entrance bridge, with joint funding from the Civil Aviation Authority, the Road Maintenance Fund, and Yemen Airlines.

Al-Durra, along with the Chairmen of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority- Muhammad Abdulkadir, the Road Maintenance Fund- Engineer/ Nabil Al-Haifi, the Acting Chairman of Yemen Airways-  Khalil Jahaf, the Authority’s Deputy Chairman-  Raed Jabal, the General Director of the Airport- Khaled Al-Shayef, and the General Director of Constructions- Hadi Khairan, listened to an explanation of the engineering designs of the Authority that will be executed in accordance with the approved standards for building bridges to facilitate the passage of food supply vehicles for Yemenia Airlines and other airlines.

The Minister Al-Durra also  stressed the importance of the project, which will contribute to the smooth flow and facilitation of the process of transporting shipments of Yemeni products intended to be exported abroad in the future, and facilitating the movement from the eastern side of the airport.

In addition, the Minister of Transport and his companions were briefed on the readiness of the work in the hangar that is receiving the medical and health shipments of the international humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen, in addition to the hangar of exports for local products, which was restored and rehabilitated after it was destroyed by the aggression air force.

He also referred to the state's leadership to support the local products and export them abroad and encourage investment in all the fields that would revive the national economy and rely on the national products.

The Minister Al-Durra, accompanied by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAMA, the Authority’s Deputy Chairman, and the Director General of Sana’a International Airport, visited the VIP lounge, which was rehabilitated by the Authority.

The Minister of Transport appreciated the efforts of the Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology in restoring the readiness of the arrival, departure and transit lounges, VIP guests lounge and other projects of importance in the field of civil aviation.


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